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EGA is a diverse community of healthcare workers engaged in the field of gastroenterology and Hepatology. It includes and clinicians, surgeons, nurses, researchers and residents and fellows, all of whom are committed to the EGA mission.


The Ethiopian gastroenterology association (EGA) is a non-profit professional society that promotes the health and well being of Ethiopian patients, their communities, and their health care systems. Gastroenterology & Hepatology is a field which deals with the digestive system of our body and our society works in areas related to that. We seek to foster leadership and excellence in the practice of gastroenterology through research, education, and advocacy for health promotion and disease management.


We believe that gastroenterology & hepatology in Ethiopia plays a central role in addressing key health needs of our society. The EGA will integrate professionals for a quality care through achieving professional, ethical and moral principles of medical practice. 


We embrace the ethical and professional standards that are common to all healing professions, as well as the specific values of ethical practice, teamwork, competency-based training, life-long learning, evidence-based medicine, and patient-centered care. EGA is a diverse community of physician and other sub-specialty, researchers and clinicians, and residents and fellows, all of whom are committed to the EGA mission.


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Mengistu Erkie
Mengistu ErkiePresident
Hailemichael DesalegnVice President
Kassa TameruSecretary

The Ethiopian Gastroenterology Association is a professional association established with the aim of advancement of the field of GI in Ethiopia. 

Piazza, Churchill street Eshetu Mamo Commercial, 6th floor Office No 606
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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